What We Do


We support our clients in designing the best strategy for their green hydrogen journey, helping them achieving a low carbon future. We focus on their needs and develop a tailor-made transition to green hydrogen technologies and infrastructure, seamlessly integrated with their business operations.

We believe in the key role that green hydrogen technologies will have in sectors such as energy production, mobility, industrial feedstock, fertilisers. We identify and support innovative companies in these sectors, accelerating their path to market.

UDGEN, with its network of technology developers and experts, covers the full hydrogen value chain. We offer:


Funding opportunities, Technology Transfer, system integration, support in testing and demonstrating prototypes, scale-up of solutions, finding the right partners to reduce the time to market.


Strategic consulting and market insights into the growing green hydrogen economy. Making the connection to green hydrogen innovators. Participation into the development of green regional ecosystems.


designing a tailor-made transition into green hydrogen technology and infrastructure, sharing our vision of the current and future green hydrogen economy, facilitating pilot projects before scaling-up.


Co-design of urban/regional green hydrogen projects/ecosystems to accelerate the decarbonization of communities and ignite new green businesses around them.

UDGEN guides your green hydrogen journey.